Goku Meditates

Goku Meditates

Hey everybody. Quick update.

I recently quit my web development job as a UX Engineer in an attempt to refocus my life.

My goal is to spend more time working on the Dragon Ball book and to publish it as quickly as possible. I’ll be living on savings and occasional freelance gigs while I dedicate my time to the book and some other endeavors. Overall I am working on simplifying my life through the power of “less is more.”

It was a big decision for me as I realized that web development is not what I want to do with my life. Definitely a good skill to have, but not what I’m passionate about.

Progress update on the DBZ book: The editors are working on their draft now and I’ll take their notes and apply it during my next wave of edits. In the mean time, I’m cleaning things up and getting ready. I’m also working on trying to get the book to be officially approved by TOEI in Japan. This would have huge ramifications for both the book and the entire Dragon Ball community!

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