The “It’s Over 9,000!” Painting!

dragon ball z it's over 9,000 painting

Goku and Vegeta have inspired an artist in Spain to create an incredible painting! And it happens to be from the cover of my “It’s Over 9,000!” book! Check out how he did it!!

On August 31, 2017 I received a Tweet from @MrKaytos, the Spanish translator of my books. It said, “Dragon Ball Z It’s Over 9,000! Cosmovisiones en colisión is ART. One of the best DB artists in Spain, has just sent me this painting of your book!!!!!!!”

That artist is @graffiticorp. He makes amazing airbrush art in the Dragon Ball style.

You can see more of his paintings on his YouTube channel.

Watch the unveiling of the painting in @MrKaytos’ room, with commentary in Spanish.

Asked if he would sell the painting, @MrKaytos responds, “I will not sell it in my entire life. There are things that are priceless, like the art or words of a handwritten letter.”

Concept to Completion

dragon ball z it's over 9,000 cover concept art

I think it’s incredible how Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball continues to inspire artists. This painting began with my book’s cover art, but that cover art began with an idea inspired by Toriyama’s Dragon Ball. I then wrote my book and created some basic concept art in stick figure drawings.

From there, the amazing artist Raykugen transformed the concept into genuine art.

I published the book in English in 2012.

A year later @MrKaytos translated the book into Spanish and introduced it to thousands of Spanish-speaking fans.

Then in 2017, @GraffitiCorp transformed the cover art into an airbrush painting.

I’m grateful to have played a role in this process, and I’m glad to know that this painting will hang on the wall of @MrKaytos for many years to come!

What do you think of this awesome art? I’m impressed how he was able to do all of this by hand, without using a stencil or projection of any kind!