Dragon Ball Cosplay at Animazement

Dragon Ball cosplay was alive and well at Animazement 2013, and this post showcases all the cosplayers I found during my visit.

I hope this cosplay gallery is enjoyable for the fans and inspirational to the other cosplayers out there.

All of the photographs and videos were taken by me.

DBZ 4 Life!

goku super saiyan god kamehameha

Breakdancing Super Saiyan God Goku.

Apparently B-Boying is his ultimate technique.

Super Saiyan God Goku breakdance fights to win the hand of a beautiful maiden.

goku super saiyan 3 cosplay dbz

goku super saiyan 3 cosplay kamehameha

bulma yamcha dragon ball cosplay

goku cosplay dbz animazement

goku with sword dragon ball z cosplay animazement

vegeta badman cosplay dragon ball z

vegeta badman cosplay dragon ball z

great saiyaman cosplay dbz

dbz cosplay android trunks videl great saiyaman gohan

goku mister satan cosplay hercule

mister satan hercule world champ

mister satan majin buu videl

goku cosplay dbz animazement

gohan orange star high school animazement

goku cosplay kamehameha charge

dragon ball cosplay android goku broly

dragon ball cosplay krillin goku super saiyan 4 trunks

krillin yolo t shirt

kame t shirt dragon ball

its over 9000 t shirt dragon ball z

off duty saiyan dragon ball z cosplay

That’s all, folks!

Which one was your favorite?

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