A DBZ PhD Needs Your Energy!

dbz phd vicente jurado class reading dragon ball

A new study about the Dragon Ball comic is being conducted to determine if Dragon Ball can boost positive intellectual, emotional, and social skills.

The leader of the investigation is Vicente R. Jurado, a PhD student from Spain. Vicente said, “Social science offers amazing answers to cultural phenomena that have not been observed from a scientific perspective. Reading Dragon Ball is an experience that millions of people have enjoyed for more than 30 years, and I am working to understand it better from an academic approach.”

The study involves people who are asked to read Dragon Ball for the first time, or who have already read Dragon Ball. They are then asked to relate its characters to negative terms such as violence or misbehavior, and positive terms such as compassion and discipline. By surveying readers from different countries and generations, the data will show if there is a positive intellectual and emotional outcome on gender topics, personality, behavior, presence, leadership, and family outlook.

dbz phd vicente jurado reading dragon ball

The study has been held since 2014 in the Colorado State University (United States), the University of Cádiz (Spain), and the Kyoto Seika University (Japan).

Everyone is welcome to take the online survey

The results of the research will be published in 2018. It will likely be the first international doctorate thesis focused on the study of the Dragon Ball comic.

Want to learn more about Vicente and his love for Dragon Ball? Vicente is in my book Dragon Soul: 30 Years of Dragon Ball Fandom, along with 81 other Dragon Ball fans and 27 professionals from across the world who helped create Dragon Ball.

Vicente asked for my help to raise awareness about his survey to fellow Dragon Ball fans. So please share your energy with Vicente and take his survey!