Dragon Ball Tattoos – Goku

goku tattoo child fist circle dragon ball

Dragon Ball fans all love their Dragon Ball, that’s for sure. But some fans go that extra mile. They get a Dragon Ball tattoo.

In The Dao of Dragon Ball book I talk about how meaningful Dragon Ball is. For some fans, it’s so meaningful that they decide to wear their fandom on their sleeve… or chest, leg or back.

So I decided to find every Dragon Ball tattoo picture on the internet. That’s right, every one.

Why? To collect and archive these Dragon Ball tattoos in a single place. I want to bring them here to share with other Dragon Ball fans.

5 hours later and I’ve collected almost 250 of them!

The goal of this display is to archive and share some Dragon Ball fandom with others. I am not trying to glorify or promote tattoos. Personally, I don’t have any tattoos and never will. Nor am I trying to deliver a message about tattooing. Just try to enjoy them.

Warning: If you don’t like tattoos or human skin, then go look somewhere else. Everything here is PG-13 though, so it should be okay.

Let’s start off this multi-part series of posts with our happy hero, Goku!

Goku Tattoos

goku tattoo child jump nyoibo dragon ball
goku tattoo ssj3 nelson mandingo dragon ball z
goku tattoo super saiyan 1 and super saiyan 4 dbz
goku tattoo super saiyan 1 dbz
goku tattoo child goggles monkey dragon ball
goku tattoo super saiyan 1 zoran dbz
goku tattoo child bird umbrella dragon ball
goku tattoo child shenron
goku tattoo japanese dbz
goku tattoo child jump dragon ball
goku tattoo child sonic dragon ball
goku tattoo super saiyan 4 dbz

super saiyan goku tattoo leg

super saiyan goku vegeta tattoo leg
goku tattoo super saiyan 3 fist dbz

goku super saiyan 3 tattoo shenron

super saiyan goku tattoo dbz

dragon ball z tattoo super saiyan goku

goku tattoo child hulfie kintoun dragon ball

son goku tattoo riding dragon ball z

goku tattoo angel wings dbz

Permanent Mark

Dragon Ball has a way of leaving its mark on people, eh?

Stay tuned for the next post in this series… Vegeta tattoos!

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Link to next part… Dragon Ball tattoos part 2

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