Dragon Ball Harmony Gold Dub Movie

watch dragon ball harmony gold dub movie

Watch the Dragon Ball Harmony Gold dub movie, and see this never-before-seen dub!

Did you know the Harmony Gold dub of Dragon Ball is a rare English dub of the series and was thought to be lost for over 30 years?

Watch Episode 1 of the Harmony Gold dub of Dragon Ball and learn more about its history and how we found these missing episodes and this movie.

Short version: Myself and a few other dragon ball fans invested 10 years into finding them.

If you missed them, here’s Harmony Gold Dub Episode 2, Harmony Gold Dub Episode 3, Harmony Gold Dub Episode 4, and Harmony Gold Dub Episode 5.

Now that we’ve enjoyed all 5 episodes of the Harmony Gold dub of the Dragon Ball anime, let’s experience the Harmony Gold dub movie.

Odd as it sounds, the movie combines Dragon Ball movies 1 and 3 together.

That is, Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies and Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure.

I suspect they did this because each of these movies is about 45 minutes long, and they wanted to have a feature film, which are expected to be 80 to 90 minutes. And the run time of this combined feature is 85 minutes.

So even though the two stories don’t make sense being combined, it’s fun all the same. And especially because we get to hear the voices of characters that never made it into the Harmony Gold dub episodes.

This movie aired on channel Philly-57, in Philadelphia, where it’s described as “a magical family adventure.”

It was recorded off the TV onto a VHS tape, and we’ve finally digitized it and shared it with the world.

Watch Dragon Ball Harmony Gold Dub Movie

Note: The volume of the sound is low for the first few minutes. Good ole’ VHS.

Update: The audio has been fixed by uploading a new source of the movie from Dave Merrill. Dave is friends with Ryan Gavigan, the original source of the Harmony Gold dub movie and 5 episodes. Both collaborate at Anime Hell! As it so happens, the source of the better version is the exact same TV broadcast on Dec. 28, 1989.

This film wraps up the Harmony Gold dub of Dragon Ball!

But lo’ and behold, there’s actually a Spanish dub of this same combined movie, and it used the Harmony Gold dub as its framework. This includes the names, the censorship, and many of the actual lines read by the Harmony Gold voice actors.

If you’d like to watch that as well, let me know in the comments and I’ll post it.

Thanks for sharing the Harmony Gold dub experience with me.

Over 30 years in the making!

How do you feel about the Harmony Gold edition of the series and movies?

Would we have been better off if this dub continued?

Or is it a good thing that it didn’t get picked up for more episodes and movies?

I personally enjoyed it, even with its flaws, and wish there were more!