Meet the Journalist Intern: Adam Bakr

adam bakr journlist intern the dao of dragon ball

When you combine a lifelong Dragon Ball fan with a journalist, you get Adam Bakr, an intern for The Dao of Dragon Ball site. Let’s get to know him!

Adam Bakr is a recent graduate from Michigan State University who majored in Sports Journalism, so I thought it would be fun to ask Bakr some questions about his writing and Dragon Ball experiences.

Q: Do you remember the first time you watched Dragon Ball?

A: Growing up on it, it would always be on TV, and I eventually bought the Dragon Ball movies. I watched Dragon Ball Z before Dragon Ball, but watching Dragon Ball got me more into the universe overall.

Q: Getting into Dragon Ball by chance like that is a common way for people to get into the franchise. I also got into the series by seeing it on TV growing up. Who’s your favorite character and why?

Goku’s my favorite because he’s funny and makes the audience root for him. You always want him to win.

[Goku inspires me because] he’s always going after his goals and was more adventurous as a child.

I think for a lot of people, Goku can be a relatable character for those reasons. Goku’s drive and passion for those he loves is a source of motivation for a lot of fans.

Q: Favorite character moment from Dragon Ball?

It was the World Martial Arts Tournament with Majin Vegeta when he was possessed by Buu. I liked how Goku was able to understand and talk to Vegeta.

After all, this was the first piece I wrote about while starting this internship.

Q: Favorite Arc from Dragon Ball?

The Buu Arc because of the way Buu as a character changes and progresses so much. The Arc continually develops, and each version of Buu is stronger.

Q: What’s your favorite topic you enjoy writing about in the Dragon Ball universe?

Being able to break down scenes, and deep dive into everything about it, similar to writing about the details of sports. Since I have a background in sports writing, I wanted to expand into entertainment writing along with the experience of writing different content. This internship combines my two passions.

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