Akira Toriyama Praises Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Movie – Translated Comments!

akira toriyama comments on dragon ball super super hero movie

Read Dragon Ball author and screenplay writer Akira Toriyama’s praise for the latest animated Dragon Ball movie, fully translated! Toriyama says:

“It’s a complete success in every regard.”

After the 2-day opening weekend of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero hit no. 1 in Japanese theaters, Akira Toriyama shared his comments for fans and the production staff that adapted his original screenplay.

Along with his commentary, Akira Toriyama drew himself as Piccolo, one of the two stars of the film alongside Piccolo’s childhood disciple Gohan.

Toriyama illustrated himself in his classic Robo Toriyama design, but with additional Piccolo aesthetics, including green metal skin, antennae, and Piccolo’s uniform.

I’ve translated Akira Toriyama’s commentary here.

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Akira Toriyama’s Comments on Super Hero

“Finally I was able to see the finished work. In a nutshell, it’s a great anime movie!

Well, it may not be as convincing if the original author says this, but I was really excited to see it! Even though I’m an old man, I was just so thrilled.

Up to now, we have set the stage for Dragon Ball’s story on a grand scale, such as in outer space, so this time I decided we should return to the origin for a while.

The scope is very small.

In addition, the enemy is the Red Ribbon Army, which didn’t have a significant effect during the original manga’s serialization.

Furthermore, neither Goku nor Vegeta are the protagonists this time.

I thought it was an interesting story, but I was worried that it might be a little plain.

Now it has premiered thanks to director [Tetsuro] Kodama and the excellent anime staff.

The story of such a small scale for Dragon Ball in contrast to recent years has been made into an amazing film that has never been seen before, making full use of a unique style and new visual techniques!

Especially the fights in the latter half, like during the heavy rain scene, the battle gave me goosebumps. The composition and expression of the scene is so good, and then the power surges up, and my adrenaline comes out!

Piccolo is cool! So cool! Gamma No. 1 and No. 2 are cool! Everyone’s just so cool! Even I, who am always calm about my work, suddenly felt that way for the first time ever.

It gave me a feeling of satisfaction after having such a hard time working on it with my editor.

It’s a complete success in every regard. Director Kodama and the animation staff had an even harder time than me, and the many staff who supported it, including the voice actors, all aimed for the best work. Thank you to my editor at Shueisha. I’m just so grateful. For me, I’m already very satisfied.

If you are wondering ‘Dragon Ball, hm?’ and deciding if it’s worth it this time around, please consider seeing it! I’m sure your heart will be pumping by the time you leave the theater!”

Your Thoughts on Toriyama’s Comments?

akira toriyama comments on dragon ball super super hero movie translated

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