Challenge Goku Premieres!

Challenge Goku is a new Dragon Ball Z fan series where Goku takes on real-life challenges submitted by viewers like you.

Challenge Goku is created by K&K Productions, the filmmakers behind Dragon Ball Z: Saiyan Saga.

And Goku with a GoPro.

In Challenge Goku, the super strong, super fast, and super hungry Goku will take on challenges from viewers at home, who can submit their challenge ideas in the comments of each video.

How will he overcome each challenge? In this lighthearted series, Goku enters the real world and we get to see the results.

The director of Challenge Goku, Harry Kirby, asked me for feedback on episode 1 after it was complete. I said I enjoyed it, thought it was funny, and feel it has a lot of potential for long-term success.

As a writer, I suggested they show more of Goku’s motivation for wanting to take part in these challenges. Harry said he will try to show that in episode 2, so subscribe to K&K’s YouTube channel to see each episode as it premieres.

Check out this behind-the-scenes video of how they made the first episode of Challenge Goku. You’ll see how they cast the actor for Goku and created his costume and hair.

Can you think of a challenge for Goku to take on? Maybe a hot dog eating contest, or a punch machine battle against Mister Satan at the arcade! Do they even make those anymore?

Write your ideas in the comments and you may see Goku attempt it in a future episode of Challenge Goku!

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