DBZ: Battle of Gods Theater Locations

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods is coming to the USA and Canada in 1 month, and theater locations have just been announced. Is there one near you?

To find out, go to FUNimation’s Theater Locator.

To get fans excited FUNimation is releasing a 4 part video series that retells their 20 year experience with the series. Part 1 has been released today.

FUNimation also published a Dragon Ball Z Legacy Timeline. This interactive timeline shows you some of the key moments in the series and in its production.

With only 33 days left until August 5, there are fans across the country getting excited for its release.

dragon ball z battle of gods theater listings announced

Is there a theater near you, and will you see DBZ on the big screen?!

If so, I’ll see you there!