Dragon Ball New Age Goes Weekly

dragon ball new age goes weekly

Dragon Ball New Age is going weekly! Find out why in this quick chat with Dragon Ball New Age’s author, Malik.

Dragon Ball New Age premiered on this site on May 9, 2019 and quickly become one of the most popular sections. Hundreds of thousands of readers across the world have enjoyed its exciting action and drama.

For the first 6 months of Dragon Ball New Age’s release, it was a monthly publication, at 32 pages a month.

However, Malik got burnt out from the workload alongside his regular full-time job, and he missed the publication deadline for November.

The deadline was extended into December, but the amount of work required for it still proved to be too much.

Malik told me, “Right now, I have a lot going on, and the method I was using to do chapters the first 6 months isn’t going to work. It’ll kill me, my motivation, or both. Until I go full time, I can’t do that.”

As a solution to the demand for more content, Malik has decided he wants to go weekly with a smaller amount of pages.

“I propose going back to my old release model of 2 pages a week until I go full time. This gives Rogeru and myself the time we need in our private lives while simultaneously providing weekly releases, continuing the story, and allowing me to pull ahead.”

Malik says,

“I’m just trying to do something that won’t result in me burning out and ruining my enjoyment of the work.”

Considering that this is a free manga, I think people will understand that Malik’s health and happiness are also important to the quality of the story and artwork.

As a result, starting from Chapter 7 (which is now online), Malik will draw 2 pages a week, Rogeru will ink them, and I will publish them.

You can show your support to Malik on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Consider donating via PayPal so that one day he’ll be able to create Dragon Ball New Age as his full-time job.

While this decision does mean fewer pages per month, it also means that you will have a consistent release schedule and have something to look forward to each week.

So make sure you come back every Friday for more Dragon Ball New Age!

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