Dragon Ball Run Announced!!

Ever wanted to run with Goku and Vegeta? Now you can, as the official Dragon Ball Run has been announced in Japan!

Planned by Toei Animation, Tokyo Gets, and Sports One, the Dragon Ball Run is a 3 km race with your heroes.

A first run will be held in Tokyo on September 10, at Makuhari Seaside Park. A second run will take place in Nagoya on September 23, at Aichi Rinku Beach.

These test runs will help the planners decide if they want to hold international runs. Perhaps in a city near you.

dragon ball run goku

Registration opens on July 3, 2017. The fee is 6,800 yen ($60 USD) for adults, and 3,800 yen ($34 USD) for children.

Runners will be given a Dragon Ball T-Shirt in the likes of Goku’s famous dogi. So there will be a sea of runners in orange.

Japanese Dragon Ball voice actors will also be in attendance! Here’s hoping Masako Nozawa gives the runners a cheerful message at the starting line!

On a related note, Nagoya is Akira Toriyama’s home city, so do you think Toriyama will be in attendence? Keep your eyes open for a man wearing a surgical mask and track suit!

Spectators can also enjoy augmented-reality photo booths, a search to gather the dragon balls, and a chance to win Dragon Ball prizes.

Partner company Sports One holds fun runs and bubble runs. These are events where participants get soapy and silly as they get fit, rather than strive for first place.

Likewise, Tokyo Gets is a marketing and promotion company that creates tie-in events for entertainment brands.

Details on the official Dragon Ball Run site are limited. I contacted them, but have not heard back. So if you’d like to attend, then follow their Facebook and Twitter, and check back on July 3.

dragon ball run logo

This is another great example of how Dragon Ball can change people’s lives for the better, as everyone can participate in an event that is fun and healthy.

Will you attend the Dragon Ball Run?

Just remember, the kintōun and shunkan-idō are against the rules! So you’ll have to finish the race on foot!!

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