Dragon Ball Senator Nathan Johnson Wins Primary Election!

nathan johnson dragon ball senator wins texas primary

Dragon Ball Senator and DBZ composer Nathan Johnson has won the primary election in Dallas, Texas! He won in part because of his pro Dragon Ball agenda!

As the winner of the Democratic Party, Nathan must now train harder to face his ultimate opponent, the Republican incumbent Don Huffines.

Their exciting match will take place on November 6 during the final round of the 2018 Midterm Elections. The winner will be declared the State Senator for District 16!

In today’s match-up, Nathan fought his Democratic competitor Joe Bogen. Unfortunately for Joe, it was a one-sided bout from the start, as Nathan displayed his political prowess early in the night.

When the first precinct tallied its results, The New York Times and Texas Tribune reported Nathan received 71% of the vote.

nathan johnson early primary election results

This lead persisted throughout the evening and Nathan was declared the winner, with 69.6% of the vote, totalling 25,330 votes.

nathan johnson primary election results

So who is this up-and-coming fighter?

Nathan Johnson is a Dallas-based lawyer and former composer for Dragon Ball Z, the world’s most-recognized anime.

Dragon Ball Z is produced and distributed by FUNimation, a Dallas-based anime studio. In 2005, Nathan composed the music for Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Uncut Special Edition episodes 1 to 67, and for 5 of the Dragon Ball Z movies.

Given that Dallas is the home of FUNimation, of Dragon Ball, and of Nathan’s constituents, Nathan made it a strategy to appeal to the young voters that are often apathetic to local politics by running his campaign on a pro Dragon Ball agenda.

This means Nathan upholds the principles displayed in Dragon Ball, he makes it a part of his strategy to appeal to Dragon Ball fans in Dallas, and he employs Dragon Ball fans on his campaign team.

You can read more about Nathan’s agenda in our exclusive interview.

This strategy proved effective, as voters could see Nathan had great hidden potential and the signs of an Ultra (Political) Instinct.

To date, Nathan Johnson has transformed from a lawyer, to a Dragon Ball Z composer, to a more powerful lawyer, and now into the Democractic Party Nominee.

Nathan said on his campaign’s Facebook page, “You did it! Thank you – all of you – for your unwavering friendship and confidence, and for your passionate support. … To all of my fellow candidates, and to all of their supporters, congratulations to you for your noble efforts.”

After this victory, we are left to wonder:

Is Nathan Johnson strong enough to defeat his Republican opponent?!

Will the power of friendship fueled by Dallas voters help Nathan and his allies perform their super technique: The Blue Wave?!

In the end, will Nathan attain his ultimate form of a State Senator?!

All these questions will be answered in the next exciting episode of Politics Ball Z!!!!

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