Dragon Ball Super Gamma 1 and 2 S.H.Figuarts Available for Preorder!

gamma 1 and 2 figures from dragon ball super: super hero stand

With the recent release of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Japanese figure maker Tamashii Nations has announced two new Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 S.H.Figuarts are available for preorder.

These figures are limited edition and the preorders will sell out in a matter of days.

The figures can be pre-ordered for $70.00 USD on the Premium Bandai Website with the links below.

Preorder Gamma 1 S.H.Figuarts figure

Preorder Gamma 2 S.H.Figuarts figure

Want to learn more about the making of these intricate figures? Then read this interview with the development leader of S.H.Figuarts.

Both figures come with alternate heads and expressions from Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. They can also be posed in several different ways, as their joints are flexible.

Two guns are included for both figures, a holstered version and a drawn version that can be held in their hands.

Additionally, Gamma 1 and 2 have add-on parts for the upcoming S.H.Figuarts Ultimate Gohan SUPER HERO figure.

Gamma 1 comes with a Super Saiyan Gohan head, and two of his facial expressions. Gamma 2 has a Gohan head with glasses, two more facial expressions, and his Namekian cloak.

However, the Gohan figure is sold separately and will be available in the coming weeks.

Gamma 1 and 2 made their debut in the new film as villains, and the figures are scheduled to ship to the US in February 2023.

Are you excited about the Gamma 1 and 2 figures being released? Will you be posing them like in the movie? Let me know in the comments!

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