Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Hits No. 1 in Japanese Theaters

dragon ball super super hero son gohan headbutts gamma no 1 and no 2

The Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie has earned the top box-office position in its opening weekend in Japanese theaters. Dragon Ball author and screenplay writer Akira Toriyama comments on its success.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero premiered on Saturday, June 11, 2022, in 407 screens. In its 2-day opening weekend it sold 500,000 tickets, earning 670 million yen (~4,986,547.36 USD), or about $5 million dollars. It beat Top Gun: Maverick for weekend attendance, despite its 3-day weekend.

This is the 21st Dragon Ball movie, and the first since 2018’s record-breaking Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

It is also the first movie to be animated entirely with computer generated imagery (CGI) rather than traditional hand-drawn animation, or hand-drawn combined with CGI.

Akira Toriyama said in a statement after seeing the movie:

“In a nutshell, it’s a great animated movie! … Piccolo is cool! So cool! Gamma No. 1 and No. 2 are cool! Even I, who am always calm about my work, suddenly felt that way for the first time ever. … It’s a complete success in every regard.”

In Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, those who inherited the will of the Red Ribbon Army, an evil organization that was once destroyed by Son Goku, have created the strongest androids named Gamma No. 1 and No. 2, and attacked Piccolo and Son Gohan for a mysterious reason.

This time around, Goku and Vegeta are not the main characters!

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The film will be released around the world this summer by Crunchyroll, in Japanese subtitles and localized dubs, with a potential release date of August 8.

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Read Akira Toriyama’s full translated comments on Super Hero.

Source: mantan-web, via Crunchyroll