Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Coming to USA

FUNimation has announced that Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods will be dubbed in English and is coming to theaters in the United States and Canada this summer!

According to FUNimation’s press release the film will have a limited theatrical release on August 5, 6, 7, and 9, in over 350 select theaters.

Gen Fukunaka, CEO and President of FUNimation said:

“We’re very excited to be bringing Battle of Gods to movie theaters across the country this summer. Dragon Ball Z has always been a huge part of everything we do at FUNimation and, speaking as a fan myself, I can’t wait to watch it on the big screen.”

The specific theaters have not been announced.

You can learn more about the Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods release on dragonballz.com, and sign up for their newsletter to get more info as it is released.

My Thoughts

It’s about time!

It was over 1 year ago when Battle of Gods came out in Japan on March 30, 2013, and fans have been eager to see this exciting announcement ever since.

I know how difficult it was for FUNimation to pull this off and for all of the voice actors involved to keep silent until now. I’m aware of some of the behind the scenes politics going on at FUNimation, although I’m still not at liberty to talk about them.

Suffice to say that FUNimation is investing a lot of money into this project. If you are a Dragon Ball Z fan, then you owe it to yourself to see this English dub in theaters even if you have already watched the Japanese original online.

This is the first major DBZ related work from Toriyama in years, and if you don’t support the official release in your local area, then neither FUNimation or anyone else will be inclined to fund more DBZ projects in the future.

Your Thoughts

What do you think about the big news? You waited an entire year to hear it.

FUNimation continually denied that they are working on this movie until todays sudden announcement. Interesting, don’t you think?

Are you looking forward to seeing Goku and friends on the big screen?!

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