Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Premieres

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods in English just premiered in Los Angeles on July 3. The event was a star studded red carpet premiere worthy of DBZ.

The red carpet premiere occured at the Regal LA Live Stadium 14 Theaters, starting at 8:00pm followed by the screening at 9:00pm.

FUNimation posted several photographs of the event on Twitter.

Sean Schemmel (Goku):

Christopher Sabat (Vegeta, Piccolo, etc.):

Kyle Hebert (Adult Gohan, Narrator):

Mike McFarland (Kame-sennin):

Justin Cook (Dende / the Producer):

Vic Mignognia (Broly)

Michael Sinternkilaas (a talented voice director and actor)

Laci Kay (a television actress)

Walking with the Stars?

FUNimation’s press release about the event stated that fans would be able to walk the red carpet and meet their heroes.

However, Sean Schemmel said on a radio interview earlier in the day that it was “invitation only.”

Some of my friends at Robot Underdog attended the premiere, and they said that the actual red carpet was inside the theater on the second floor. And only those who were invited could go up.

As a result, there wasn’t much of a meet and greet.

But that’s not going to stop Dragon Ball Z fans with a dedicated Dragon Ball Spirit.

dragon ball z battle of gods red carpet premiere dbz fans

They turned up in full cosplay and were then invited in to see the movie!

How awesome is that?

One young lady named Laura didn’t dress up. But she was persistent. And after waiting for 3 hours, she scored a ticket!

dragon ball z battle of gods super fan

She wore the Super Saiyan God hair that FUNimation handed out during this weekends Anime Expo, combined with a Scouter and a DBZ T-Shirt. So I guess that counts.

After the movie was over FUNimation brought the cast and fans to an after party in the Lucky Strike bowling alley… with dragon balls.

Sounds awesome and I wish I was there.

The Dragon Roars

The premiere of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods was a roaring success.

Congrats to FUNimation for doing DBZ the justice it deserves. This is something that fans across the world have been waiting decades for.

To those who couldn’t make it to the premiere (such as myself), I know we’re all looking forward to the films’ release on August 5!!