Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope News Roundup

Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope has been getting great coverage lately as the project kicks into second gear. Here’s a news roundup in case you missed it.

For starters, the actor and model Tim Neff was cast as our Future Trunks.

dragon ball z light of hope tim neff adult trunks

What do you think, ladies?

Interviews With Cast and Crew

G33king Out

Geek Legacy Podcast with Robot Underdog.

The Midnight Wire

Film Combat Syndicate


And I just finished a podcast interview with Anime3000.com for later this week.

Here’s the Robot Underdog crew having some fun with our haters.

News Coverage

Nerd Reactor


Geek Legacy

The Review Zoo

Otakus and Geeks

Manga Therapy


NeoTeo – Spanish

Legia dos Herois – Portuguese

These sites are ‘relevant to your interests,’ so be sure to visit them.

Check out this awesome fight scene story board, illustrated by Taylor Sterling.

dragon ball z light of hope storyboard fight scene taylor sterling

If you haven’t done so, please donate $1 or more to our Indiegogo campaign to film Episode 1. Or share this project with your friends. Thank you!!

When you donate you’ll get your name on this awesome ‘wall of contributors‘ and some other cool perks, including my upcoming book, Dragon Ball Culture.

So what do you think of the news? Think Tim looks like Future Trunks? And are we taking the fight scenes to the DBZ EXTREME, or what?!

Funding Update

Thank you to all those who donated or shared our Indiegogo page. We raised $6,827!!

If you’d like to donate now, please go to Robot Underdog’s Donation Page.

This is a non-profit project that we’re doing for the fans. Thanks again!!

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