Goku Day Kakarot Collection Contest!!

goku day kakarot collection

The Gokū Day Kakarot Collection contest is here! Vote for your favorite Gokū costume and win Dragon Ball prizes!

Toei Animation has announced on their official DragonBall.news website that they are holding a contest where Dragon Ball fans can vote for their favorite Gokū costume.

Update, May 9: The contest is now live.

Prizes are only open to residents of Japan, but you can still register and vote for your favorite Gokū costume!

goku day kakarot collection japanese announcement

The site says:

“In commemoration of “Gokū Day” on May 9, the “Kakarot Collection” will be held!”

Gokū Day, or Gokū-no-hi (悟空の日), is an official holiday recognized by the Japan Anniversary Association.

I reported on its initial commencement on May 9, 2015, with the explanation of its origin. This is the 5th year of Gokū Day celebrations.

In honor of Gokū’s greatness, Toei Animation is holding a contest for fans to vote on their favorite costume other than Son Gokū’s iconic dōgi.

According to Toei’s site URL, they are calling it the 59 Campaign, for May 9 (5-9).

goku day kakarot collection shenron costumes

The site says, “It is a special project that carefully selects all 30 types of costumes other than Son Gokū’s dōgi that appeared in the TV anime Dragon Ball series (excluding the movie versions), and they can decide the first place choice by voting online.”

So fans will choose their favorite costume from among Gokū’s 30 different looks. But any costume that appeared in movies will not be available for voting.

Update, May 9: Here are the 30 Gokū costumes:

goku day costume contest 1 to 6

goku day costume contest 7 to 12

goku day costume contest 13 to 18

goku day costume contest 19 to 24

goku day costume contest 25 to 30

Toei refers to these 30 costumes as the Kakarot Collection, or Kakarotto Korekushon (カカロットコレクション). They coined a new shorthand portmanteau for this term, of KakaKore (カカコレ).

goku day kakarot collection logo

Toei wants you to use these official hashtags when sharing the news:

KakaKore: #カカコレ

Gokū Day: #悟空の日

But wait. There’s more!

Prizes for Voters

goku day costume prizes 7-star baseballs

Toei’s site says, “From the people who voted, 59 people will win a super luxurious gift by lottery!!”

Yes, you can win official Dragon Ball action figures, models, toys, clothing, and video games by voting for your favorite Gokū costume!

goku day costume prizes figures and plushes

goku day costume prizes figures and plushes

All the cool stuff that Dragon Ball fans love so much.

Update, May 9: The Grand Prize winner gets a custom-made Son Gokū dōgi from the movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly that is cut to your unique measurements.

goku dogi design dragon ball super broly

Plus, an exclusive yet-to-be-released Ichiban Kuji Dragon Ball Ultimate Variation Super Saiyan Gokū charging a kamehameha!!

goku day kakarot collection ichiban kuji super saiyan kamehameha figure


goku day kakarot collection ichiban kuji super saiyan kamehameha

Voting begins on Gokū Day, May 9, 2020. Toei will reveal all 30 costumes to vote for.

Voting ends on May 29.

The 59 winners will be decided on June 30.

With 30 costumes to choose from, can you pick only one to vote for?!

Update, May 9: Go vote now!

It’s easy to vote. You click the number of the costume you want to vote for, fill in your email info, and choose an area in Japan where you live (or say you live).

You can’t win prizes if you don’t live in Japan, but it’s still fun to take part.

In case you’re curious, I voted for #10! I describe the origin of this costume in my book Dragon Ball Culture Volume 6.

So how about you? What’s your pick?