New Dragon Ball Z Film Receives English Dub

FUNimation has announced that the new Dragon Ball Z film is coming to the United States with an English dub in the summer of 2015.

Prior to the English dub hitting theaters, the world premiere of the Japanese film with English subtitles will occur on April 11 in Los Angeles, California.

Tickets for the premiere sold out in less than 1 hour. But the event begins at 10:30 am with a red carpet and meet and greet with the stars, followed by the film at 12:30 pm.

According to the Order Tickets page:

The English dub of the new film will be released in theaters across North America in summer 2015.

Time to get excited!!

We’re going to see this in theaters!

Also note that the official name of the film is “Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’.” There is no “of” in the title, as you would expect from a literal translation of “Fukkatsu no F.”

It’s nice to see FUNimation and Tōei working together. I’m glad that the film is coming this summer and that we don’t have to wait a year for the English dub, like we did with Battle of Gods.

No announcements of theatrical releases have been made, nor a nationwide premiere date, but FUNimation will announce them as that date approaches.

Are you excited to see it in theaters? I’ll be there opening night!