Pledge of “Z” Music Video

The official music video for the theme song of Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of ‘F’ has arrived, titled Pledge of “Z”, and it’s overflowing with DBZ fandom.

It’s sung by pop idol group Momoiro Clover Z, consisting of 5 girls who dress up in color-coordinated and themed costumes for each of their songs.

momoiro clover z dragon ball z resurrection of f

Momoiro Clover Z are big fans of Dragon Ball, as as evident by the Z in their name, and they were excited to be a part of the latest movie.

According to a translation by Kanzenshuu, they said at the film’s premiere:

The theme for our outfits today is “what if we entered the Dragon Ball world?” The theme song Pledge of “Z” was made from the point of view of a Dragon Ball disciple, so it has a message to Goku as seen by his disciple, and also some parts that are like lecturing one’s senior pupil. It turned out really nice.

The original Japanese title of the song is “Z” no Chikai (「Z」の誓い), where “Chikai” can be translated as “pledge,” “oath,” or “vow.” So you may see different titles out there.

The video is a lot of fun, and is full of tributes to the series.

momoiro clover z dragon ball z resurrection of f

momoiro clover z dragon ball z resurrection of f album

It’s cool to see Dragon Ball Z so alive in 2015.

What do you think of the song and music video?

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