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Read Dragon Ball Infinity, an Egyptian-themed fan-manga that takes the series in an old direction!

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The story is about a monkey-tailed boy named Taima with a mysterious power and past.

Taima is inspired by a real-life Egyptian monkey-god similar to Sun Wukong, the legendary Monkey King from Journey to the West that inspired Akira Toriyama’s Son Goku in Dragon Ball.

He lives in a pyramid-filled desert inhabited by a Beerus-like species of cat people.

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Dragon Ball Infinity is written by Jordan L. Durham and illustrated by Kapi Workshop.

The manga info page with a chapter directory has been added to the site.

One new chapter will be added per month for the rest of 2022.

What adventures await young Taima?

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Author’s Statement

I asked Jordan to share a few words on the inspiration for Dragon Ball Infinity, and what he’d like readers to know.

“To me, Son Goku is the best modern adaptation of Sun Wukong. The way Toriyama put a personalized and contemporary spin on the character has been a huge inspiration.

Since I learned of Sun Wukong, his character has fascinated me, and the overall story of Journey to the West has layers of mysticism and philosophy that I appreciate.

Dragon Ball is a result of the imagination, creativity, and passion of a man who created a world that is truly his own, borrowing from stories and ideas I’m sure he appreciated in the same way that I appreciate his story. The opportunity to integrate things you love into a story is a special experience.

Outside of Dragon Ball and Journey to the West, I’ve always loved Egyptian mythology and lore, and when Battle of Gods was released in 2013, seeing the two gods and cultures collide and fight was inspirational.  So I decided to create my own monkey-god-turned-Saiyan.

The Egyptian god Babi has a lot in common with Sun Wukong, and the stories within Egyptian mythology have a lot in common with those in Journey to the West, so I created my own fan-made Dragon Ball series to play on this commonality in a fun and creative way.

I hope you enjoy it.”

Goku and Sun Wukong, Taima and Babi

son goku sun wukong taima babi mythology culture

Jordan mentioned that Taima was inspired by the Egyptian god Babi.

Babi was a deified hamadryas baboon, a common yet sacred animal in ancient Egypt.

His name means “The Bull of Baboons.”

He was considered a god of destruction and of the Underworld, and was the first-born son of Osiris. To that end he was a bloodthirsty god who devoured the souls of the sinful as he stood by a lake of fire.

Babi was a violent and wild deity. However, he goes through a spiritual awakening after his reincarnation, via his son Thoth, the deity of wisdom who is often depicted with the head of an Ibis bird or as a whole baboon or ape.

His white fur and appearance was also associated with the moon, which is central to Saiyan culture in Dragon Ball Z.

Jordan used this culture and overlapping lore as the foundation of his story, and you’ll see this lore throughout the manga.

If you’ve read my Dragon Ball Culture books then you’ll recognize the similarities here with Sun Wukong and Son Goku, the moon symbolism, and spiritual cultivation.

And now you can see what a cool idea this is and why I decided to publish it on my site.

So wait no longer! Read Dragon Ball Infinity Chapter 1!