Review of Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’

dragon ball z: resurrection f vegeta goku

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ is everything Dragon Ball Z fans love about the series.

This movie has more action, more humor, and a more well-developed story than Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods.

If you liked Battle of Gods, you’ll love ‘F’, and if you were looking for more fights, then ‘F’ has got you covered. The intensity of the hand-to-hand combat and the fluidity of the animation is something fans haven’t seen since the original DBZ.

dragon ball z resurrection 'f' battle goku vegeta

dragon ball z resurrection 'f' battle tenshinhan

dragon ball z resurrection 'f' battle goku freeza

Akira Toriyama manages to ‘up’ himself and the cast once again; always taking things to the next level. And there are some fun cultural elements that he adds into the mix, along with science fiction and in-jokes for hardcore fans.

I could do a full movie review for Resurrection ‘F’, but I don’t feel like restating what everybody on the Internet has already discussed. Suffice to say the story is superb, the actors do a great job, and if you’re a Dragon Ball fan, then Resurrection ‘F’ is a must see.

dragon ball z: resurrection f freeza

Do yourself a favor and see it in the theater with other DBZ fans. It’s a limited release from August 4 – 12, so now’s the time to buy your ticket.

The reason this movie exists and is in theaters today is because we went out and saw Battle of Gods as part of the greater Dragon Ball community. Our financial support showed the Japanese creators, the dubbers, and distributors that we wanted another film. We did it then and I hope we can do it again now. Who knows what may come next!

If you’ve seen the movie, then how did you feel about it?