Toei Animation Considering Legal Action Against Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Leaks

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With the release of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero in Japan last month, cases of illegally recorded footage uploads of the film have increased.

Toei Animation stated they have identified about 3,000 illegal uploads on various digital platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

This occurred about 10 days after the film’s opening on June 11, and the number of cases is 10 times more than the movie’s predecessor film Dragon Ball Super: Broly (2018).

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Image source: Animehunch.

Toei Animation is looking into taking legal action against these uploads and is considering eyeing the matter as a criminal and civil case.

Toei also filed a request with the respective platforms to remove the leaked footage.

People who violate Japan’s Copyright Act and the Act on Prevention of Unauthorized Recording of Films can face up to 10 years in prison, up to 10 million yen ($73,000 USD) in fines, or both.

Toei said, “We are always taking measures such as monitoring in theaters and applying for deletion of illegally uploaded videos, and we will continue to strengthen our vigilance.”

By taking additional measures to prevent them from recording footage, which has been a crime since 2007, Toei hopes to eliminate the issue altogether.

Toei added, “We are determined to take strict action against such acts, including legal action, and we have already discussed this case of voyeurism with our legal advisor’s office.

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Personally, I can understand both points of view. As an international fan, the appeal to watch the movie before it releases in your country is strong. Especially since the film is being shown in Japan at a much earlier date.

However, Toei should go through with filing the charges against those who pirate the film because they’re breaking Japan’s laws.

In my opinion, this could have been prevented if Toei had done a simultaneous global release.

What are your thoughts about Toei’s decision? Let me know in the comments below!

Source Anime News Network