Watch the Gohan and Piccolo Work and Study Video!

To celebrate the Japanese premiere of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the official Shonen Jump YouTube channel released a work and study video featuring Gohan and Piccolo.

When the video starts, Gohan and Piccolo are shown resting as they dream about their first day of training as master and student.

gohan piccolo work study video

As the video plays, a montage of images from Gohan’s first day of training and subsequent results are shown in a white cloud in a manga style. They recall one another’s memories of training and fighting.

The genre of music in the video is called Lofi hip-hop, otherwise known as a combination of hip-hop and chill-out music. It’s a common genre of music to play in work and study videos like this one.

The video evokes Dragon Ball fan’s memories and the long journey that Gohan and Piccolo have gone on together. This journey continues in the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero film. It will premiere in America on August 19, and elsewhere around the world throughout the summer.

gohan piccolo work study video

Has the video helped you concentrate and get more work done? Perhaps given you a feeling of nostalgia? Or do you just like the beat?