“I Do Not Know” and Ascension

Goku Smiles

How do you know what you know is the truth?  Because you believe it to be.

Those who cannot enlighten to higher truths believe that the truth at their level is the highest, and they believe in all that they can see at their level and below them, with the presumption, based on observable information and incite, that their current level is the highest.

If you don’t believe that there may be a higher truth than the one you currently know then you will forever be positioned at that level.

Saying “I do not know” opens the door for potential improvement.

It does not necessarily mean that one will improve, rather, it implies that the walls built up around a person’s current understanding of truth are not insurmountable.  The easier it is for a person to let go of their preconceptions the easier it is for them to understand that their may be higher truths.

In other words, the more doggedly a human being clings to their notions the more difficulty they have in breaking into new grounds and achieving higher levels.  The more attachments weigh them down, the heavier their minds and bodies, and the more difficult it is to rise up.

It’s not wrong for a human being to have notions.  It is one of many things that make us human.  But if a person can take one step back they will see a boundless new perspective.  Continue stepping back and at each level they will witness an even grander truth.

At this point one may think “That previous truth may be true at that particular level, but not entirely so at this level.  What I now see is the truth.”

They may have a faint glimpse that there is something beyond even this, but they will not fully understand it.  Just as man gazes into the endless starry night–the swirling galaxies and universe–and ponders the heavens, his realm of thought is still stuck within the terrestrial… Within this little box.

To drop our preconceived notions and continue stepping back is to open our mind to greater wisdom, to enlighten to principles and standards that are above our current position.  If a person can truly do this then he has the potential to ascend.

A person who does not come with preconceived notions has the potential to enlighten quickly.

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