What Does Dragon Ball Mean to You?

Goku asks, "To train, or not to train?"

I would like to pose an open question to the Dragon Ball community.

The question is… what does Dragon Ball mean to you?

Is Dragon Ball meaningful in your life? Has it changed your life in some way? Maybe Akira Toriyama’s art, world or message of the series inspired or still inspires you. Perhaps it is important to someone you know.  Did you connect with Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo or another character throughout the series?

Or is Dragon Ball not meaningful at all?

This is an open ended question with no specific criteria. Your reply can be as short or as long as you like.

Please reply in the comments below. If your comments are longer than a few hundred words, then please email them through the contact page.

If I decide to add your comment to the book, then I will contact you to let you know and will provide a special thanks in the final version.

For me, it changed my life by leading me into the martial arts and the path of the spiritual warrior, which then lead to other things, such as a bachelors degree in East Asian Studies, a study abroad tour in Beijing where I trained with the Shaolin monks, and much more.

Please speak freely and describe what Dragon Ball means to you.