The Science of Dragon Ball

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The science of Dragon Ball is an extremely vast and engaging yet untouched subject. I now present the idea of analyzing Dragon Ball from a scientific perspective.

The original Dragon Ball series was inspired by ancient cultural concepts and paradigms written about in ancient China, inspired itself by Indian religions and native Daoism.

It has been logical that on The Dao of Dragon Ball blog I have focused my efforts on culture, history, spirituality and philosophy.

But with the beginning of Dragon Ball Z we are quickly introduced to aliens, other planets, space travel, evil scientists and artificial humans. The series becomes more outlandish and influenced by science fiction with every passing saga.

If I were to avoid this aspect of the series, then a complete understanding of the Dragon Ball mythos would be impossible.

There have been several scientific books written about other pop cultural series, such as The Physics of Star Trek [aff], which I greatly enjoyed, and The Science of Star Wars [aff].

Why hasn’t there been anything written about the science of Dragon Ball?

It seems I’ll be the first to do so, however, I’m not a trained scientist, so what can be done?

Instead of writing articles filled with heavy mathematical equations or argumentative posits, I will introduce the scientific elements while integrating modern technological equivalents from our real world. These will serve as stepping stones that show how the science of Dragon Ball can be found in our modern world, or is on the way to becoming more like the Dragon World every day.

Then I’ll present them in a sociological, psychological, cultural and analytical framework that makes it easy to understand and relate to.

Now what content can we discuss?

Dragon Ball and Scientific Discussions

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From what I can tell, nobody else in the world has discussed these issues, and I’m happy to be the first, because there are so many wonderful subjects to delve into.

For example:

What is Ki?

What is a Scouter? Do they exist in real life and can Ki be quantified?

How does Hoi-Poi Capsule technology function?

What material is Saiyan armor made of? Is there a modern equivalent?

What is the relationship between mind and matter?

Are Artificial Humans (Androids, Robots, Cell, and Cyborgs (such as Mecha Freeza and Tao Pai-Pai)) a scientific possibility?

Do gravity chambers exist, and can human beings survive training in them?

Which is superior, Science or Spirit?

Are scientists ethically responsible for the ramifications of their scientific work? Must they create good (Bulma), or is evil (Dr. Gero, Dr. Wheelo) simply a matter of perception?

Is it likely that aliens exist, and if so, will they appear humanoid?

Will personal space travel ever be possible, ala the Saiyan Space Pod?

Is time travel possible, and what are the ramifications of doing so?

Can the body survive physical transformations?

What is the Big Ghetti Star? A robot or an organic life form?

What is Cell, and could such a creature really be given birth in a laboratory through gene splicing?

If Ki were proven to exist, how would this change our view of the world around us, and the laws of physics?

And many more, such as discovering the limits of human potential and then breaking those limits through technology.

Ground Breaking Science

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When it comes to the science of Dragon Ball, what would you like to learn?

There are so many possibilities, and I want to hear from you.