Cell: The Perfect Monster

cell the perfect monster title by Derek Padula

Shadowland Magazine published an article about Dragon Ball Z for their spring issue called “Cell: The Perfect Monster.” And it was written by me!

cell the perfect monster shadowland magazine intro

cell the perfect monster in shadowland magazine

What’s it about? Shadowland Magazine is a quarterly magazine that focuses on Science Fiction, Horror, Anime, Fantasy and the best in classic monster movie cinema. The theme for this issue was Post Apocalypse and “end of days” scenario’s.

Dragon Ball has a LOT of end of days scenarios, from Piccolo Daimao to the arrival of the Saiyans and Majin Buu.

For this article I decided to do a psychological analysis of Cell and pose questions about what it means to be an “artificial human” seeking “perfection.”

I juxtapose the artificial human’s creation with the original film that inspired Akira Toriyama to make them in the first place; Blade Runner.

cell the perfect monster page 1

cell the perfect monster page 2

By comparing and contrasting the concepts of man, machine, and monster I attempt to help the reader look within at their own humanity, and question what it actually means for the Saiyans to defeat these beings. Who is the real monster if the only way to end violence is with more violence?

cell the perfect monster page 3

Be sure to pick up a copy at Shadowland Magazine’s website or at your local comic shop. If they don’t have it, request it!

shadowland magazine number 7 with dragon ball z by derek padula

There’s also a discount coupon code on an advertisement in the magazine for “It’s Over 9,000!” But you need to get the magazine to get the code.


This also marks the first time I’ve had an article about Dragon Ball Z published in a magazine. So go pick up a copy!

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