DBZ Haters Gonna Hate

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You ever feel like the world hates you?

I now have a hate group on Facebook called “All against Derek Padula,” so I know at least one person does.

The page is written in Spanish and says in the description:

Page created to fight this guy, who seeks to destroy the anime with which many grew, Dragon Ball. Do not let this man destroy this great series. Think not launch a free time, do not let it goes on sale.

Then in the only post on the page it says:

Join friends, this man wants to end the series that is already part of many of us. Want to publish a book or already public and want to make another, about Dragon Ball, analyzing the series and making it look like something it is not. Join us to stop this man.

That’s strange, because I thought I loved Dragon Ball.

The funny thing is that even though the page was created on May 11, 2013, on Sept 3 there were only 3 people who Liked it.

So I Liked it myself!

I believe that you have to love (or Like) your enemies.

The page made me laugh and I’m not upset about it, but it is a bit odd.

dragon ball z haters derek padula

What do you think? Am I “destroying” the Dragon Ball series?

Does having a hater mean I’m officially Internet Famous?

Or is it simply the case that Haters Gonna Hate?

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