Dragon Ball Culture Daily Begins!!

dragon ball culture daily

Dragon Ball Culture Daily is a new series of FREE daily posts about Dragon Ball’s culture, history, and lore.

I’m the Dragon Ball Scholar and I have dedicated my life to becoming the world’s #1 Dragon Ball expert.

I’ve written and published 8 books on the subject, including my Dragon Ball Culture series of books, which I call a ‘master’s degree in Dragon Ball.’

But those books are BIG! In fact, they amount to over 2,000 pages of detailed Dragon Ball analysis on over 5,000 years of ancient and modern culture.

If that sounds like the greatest thing ever to you, then go buy them all now. (hint, hint!)

But at the same time I’ve decided to GIVE AWAY some of my knowledge to you.

That’s why every weekday I will release a new post on my social media about the world’s greatest anime and manga.

Each post will be less than 280 characters and will contain at least one image and interesting piece of trivia about your favorite series.

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If you miss a post, then search for the hashtag #DragonBallCultureDaily.

Dragon Ball Culture Daily began on January 1, 2020, and here are a few of the posts:


How will I present this content?

There’s a lot of culture in Dragon Ball, and an enormous amount of content in my Dragon Ball Culture book series to pull from, so I wasn’t sure how to schedule such short posts.

At first I thought it would be good to have a theme for each week.

For example, focus on Goku for one week, then Bulma the next, and then maybe the Buddhist content in Dragon Ball, etc.

But I realized this might alienate fans who weren’t interested in a certain type of content.

So I came up with a fixed-yet-flexible schedule of different content for each day of the week:

  • Modern Culture Monday
  • Toriyama Tuesday
  • Dragon World Wednesday
  • Traditional Culture Thursday
  • Fun Fact Friday

On each of these days you’ll receive that particular day’s type of content.

Monday will focus on Dragon Ball’s depiction of modern culture, Tuesday will feature info and quotes about Toriyama, then Wednesday the Dragon Ball world itself, Thursday will present traditional culture, and Friday if for fun facts that are too cool not to share.

Now that you know the schedule, you can get hyped for your favorite day of each week.


My articles, research, and books have changed the Dragon Ball community, and I’m proud of that. Now it’s time to reach a new audience that prefers shorter content.

Dragon Ball Culture Daily is a series of short and easy to understand posts that are also easy to share.

It’s full of fun trivia and images that everyone can enjoy at a glance.

Just read it, Like it, Share it, Retweet it, or leave a comment.

Easy to understand and engage with.


follower growth

I’d love to come to your town some day and meet you at a convention as a featured guest.

However, I’ve learned that follower count is the main thing that convention owners, agents, and businessmen care about. It seems that it doesn’t matter how good your content is, if you don’t have the followers then they don’t invite you to conventions.

Even though I’ve sold over 15,000 books with 5-Star ratings on Amazon, convention owners don’t look at that. They look at follower count, because they want to know that if they pay you to be a guest and come to their convention, that you will drive your followers to buy tickets to their con.

Follower count is the be-all, end-all.

Therefore, while my first goal is to deliver fresh content to you every day and make you a happy, informed, Dragon Ball fan, my second goal of Dragon Ball Culture Daily is to gain new followers and influence.

With more followers comes more attention from convention owners. And hopefully, a chance to meet you in person and deliver a presentation on your favorite subject.

That’s a win-win.


Dragon Ball Culture Daily will continue for the entirety of 2020!

I have enough posts to last me over 3 years.

But it takes a lot of effort to create this content and give it away.

So at the end of 2020 I’ll look at how well this project does and decide if I want to continue it after that.

It all depends on how Dragon Ball fans like you engage with my posts, like them, and share them. So be sure to follow me and encourage your friends to do so.

And once you’re a follower, you can tell me what type of Dragon Ball Culture Daily content you’d like to hear about next!

As you learned from today’s most recent post, it’s time to get #WakuWaku!!

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