Dragon Ball Gratitude

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Over 2 years ago I quit my job at a tech startup in Los Angeles to dedicate myself to writing The Dao of Dragon Ball book series. Was that a good choice?

Since the day I published “Dragon Ball Z “It’s Over 9,000!” When Worldviews Collide” on September 9, at 9 am, 2012, to now on Dec 30, 2013, I have sold:

1,154 print books.

2,484 ebooks.

For a grand total of 3,638 books.


Considering that most self-published books sell less than 5 copies, I’d say I’m doing well.

dragon ball z book #1 amazon

My DBZ book has been #1 on Amazon in the Non-Fiction Manga category for the last 6 months, occasionally changing places with some others, but always staying in the top 5 and then reclaiming the #1 spot.

I think there are a few reasons for this.

1) It’s Dragon Ball Z.

People search for this term a LOT, and there aren’t that many DBZ books, so mine is the first to come up.

2) Positive reviews.

On Amazon it is currently rated 4.7 stars out of 33 reviews. The same is more or less true on iTunes, Google Play, and elsewhere.

You guys have been awesome in posting your positive (yet honest) reviews, and I REALLY appreciate that, because without positive reviews and peer validation, books don’t sell. Thank you for adding your review, and if you haven’t yet, please do! My life literally depends on it.

3) The cover, drawn by the talented Javier Secano. It looks like the official artwork, is eye catching, and is clean. And who doesn’t love Goku and Vegeta?

Antonio and Javier DBZ Spain

4) For the Spanish speaking fans, the amazing translation of “It’s Over 9,000!” by Antonio Jiménez Sánchez-Migallón has allowed the book to reach a new audience overseas. And his promotional efforts for the book have helped a ton. Thanks, Antonio!

(That’s Antonio on the left and Javier on the right.)

5) I guess it’s a good book? People seem to like it, and the emails and comments I receive from you are touching. They make my day so much better, and instill me with confidence that I’m doing something worthwhile. It makes a big difference that I’m able to touch the hearts of others across the world.

Just take a look at some of the pictures fans like yourself have sent in!

dragon ball z book fan nicole

dragon ball z book fan ireland

dragon ball z book fan shrine

dragon ball z book over 9000

over 9000 book dbz battle of gods

dragon ball z book fan over 9000

dragon ball z book fan

over 9000 book dbz spanish

over 9000 book dbz

over 9000 book dbz

dragon ball z book fan dbz

dragon ball z book fan spain

dragon ball z book fan goku sttue

official dragon ball z book fan

official dragon ball z books

dragon ball z book fan oh oh meanest fish

dragon ball z book fan

dragon ball z book fan united states

dragon ball z book signed copy

dragon ball z book signed copy

dragon ball z book fan

dragon ball z book masako nozawa goku

Aren’t these awesome? They were sent in from Germany, Spain, Poland, Ireland, Canada, South Africa, Brazil, the United States, Australia, and Japan.

If you’d like to send your own pictures in, you can Tweet them to me @derekpadula or share it on The Dao of Dragon Ball Facebook page.

I also need to thank my affiliates for helping to sell the book. They post a link to the book on their website, social media profile, or emails, and make a share of every sale on Amazon, iTunes, or wherever. It’s easy to become an affiliate.

Looking Back

The last 2 or 3 years have been challenging in many ways, including quitting several jobs, breaking off a 3 year relationship with my fiancé, and selling almost everything and moving to New York City the day after my 30th birthday.

In that time I’ve learned a lot about myself and have become a more diligent, focused, simple, and happier person. I owe a lot of it to this project and support from the fans, because even though I only survive month to month and barely scrape by, with most months seeming like a miracle, I AM surviving, and that’s good enough for me because I’m doing what I feel is meaningful, in my own way.

When I receive a message from a reader saying that I inspired them to be a better person, or that they were moved to tears by what they read, or even just helped them appreciate their favorite series in a deeper way… That makes it all worth it.

I’m grateful to have fans like you.

I’m confident that the next book, Dragon Ball Culture, will blow you away. Hopefully the sales of that will be even better and allow me to not only survive, but thrive.

I have several more books in The Dao of Dragon Ball series I need to write, and I’ve got big ambitions. For example, to travel to Japan and meet the creator of Dragon Ball himself, Akira Toriyama, for an interview. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Thank you for an amazing 2013, and here’s hoping for an even more incredible 2014!

I’m going to train harder, write better, and show you my full potential!!

Kaio-ken… Times TWENTY!!!