Goku Vs. Superman DEATH BATTLE Chat

Join the team behind the Goku Vs. Superman DEATH BATTLE and experts from across the world as we discuss the ultimate battle between the ultimate heroes.

Featuring Ben Singer (the creator of DEATH BATTLE and voice of Wizard), Jordan Lange (the animator) via cell phone, Mike “JustSomeRandomGuy” Agrusso (the voice of Superman), Lawrence “MasakoX” Simpson (the voice of Goku), Kimlinh Tran (the voice of Chi-Chi), and Steve Younis (Webmaster of the Superman Home Page).

Filmed on Feb 3 at 2pm PST and live streamed on Google Hangouts.

I had a blast in this chat and I’d love to do them more often. I’m so glad we were able to get together.

What do you think of the discussion? Do you still think Goku should have won?

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