Dragon Ball Giveaway Contest

dragon ball giveaway contest

Now is your chance to win free Dragon Ball stuff!

As a way to say thanks to my readers and fellow Dragon Ball fans I’m giving away 7 great items of Dragon Ball merchandise, including books, magazines, videos, music and toys totaling over $130 in value.

How do you win?


1) Like The Dao of Dragon Ball on Facebook

2) Leave a comment below saying who your favorite character is.

3) Or tweet this post with the post’s URL and my name (@derekpadula) in it so I receive the message.

On May 8 I will select one lucky winner at random to receive ALL 7 prizes.

And here’s what you will win.

dragon ball z 1.1 bluray

Dragon Ball Z Level 1.1 on Blu-ray.

Starting off with a bang. DBZ in HD. Brand new, never been watched.

dragon ball z soundtrack kenji yamamoto

Dragon Ball Z & Z 2 Soundtrack by Kenji Yamamoto, imported from Japan.

The music is from the games that were called Dragon Ball Z Budokai and Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2 in the United States.

dragon ball revenge of king piccolo wii cover

Dragon Ball: Revenge of King Piccolo

A fun action adventure Dragon Ball game for the Nintendo Wii. Yours for free.

dragon ball z gogeta action figure

A Gogeta Action Figure… without the vest!

You can stand him on your desk, stare at him, and think deep thoughts about the inner meaning of what Fusion means for the soul. That’s what I did with him at least.

dragon ball z extreme book cover

Dragon Ball Z Extreme

That’s right. It’s Dragon Ball Z… TO THE EXTREME!!!

Read my review of this fun DBZ children’s activity book. It has stickers!

akira toriyama the master of manga book cover

Akira Toriyama: The Master of Manga

This amazing book is only available in France, and as you might expect, is written in French. It is the worlds first book to be written entirely about Akira Toriyama. It’s also very professional and filled with official images from Toei and Shueisha.

Read my review of Akira Toriyama: The Master of Manga and my 2 part interview with the author, Olivier Richard.

shadowland magazine number 7 with dragon ball z by derek padula

Shadowland Magazine #7

The magazine includes an article I wrote called Cell: The Perfect Monster. (psst, this is the one you really want to win.)

pojo dragon ball z cards simplified

Pojo’s Unofficial Dragon Ball Z: Cards Simplified – A Players Guide

This book was THE book if you were into the Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game (CCG). And now it can all be yours. Read my review of Pojo’s Unofficial Dragon Ball Z book here.

That’s all the prizes!

So Like the site on Facebook, leave a comment, or tweet this post and you’re entered into the contest.

If you’ve already Liked, then you’re already in the contest.

Remember that you need to use a real email address or account because that’s how I will contact the winner to ask for your home address.

The contest is open internationally.

Will be the winner be you?! Find out on the next exciting episode of Dragon Ball Z!!!

59 responses to “Dragon Ball Giveaway Contest”

  1. This should be fun. My favorite character has always been a neck and neck race between Goku and Vegeta, but my vote goes towards the latter. I just find Vegeta more interesting at times

  2. Wesley says:

    My favorite character is Gohan. Though, almost all of Dragonball’s characters are very interesting, I somehow admire Gohan most. As a kid he was forced to learn how to fight and eventually became stronger than everybody else, then after weakening for years.. he still managed to do the exact same over again when he had to fight Majin Buu.

  3. Mike James says:

    My favorite character is definitely Goku, but not because he is the main character. Goku has always showed incredible determination in the face of adversity. No matter what he was up against, he always gave it his all and never let doubt get in the way. It’s crazy how a fictional character can give you such courage. I owe Goku for making me into the person I am today, frankly.

  4. Jack Parker says:

    My favorite character has to be Gohan, Most powerful worrier in the galaxy, decides to get a degree instead

  5. My favorite character is Vegeta. Out of all the characters in the Dragon Ball story, he gets the most development. His change from a cold ruthless killer to just a cranky family man has always really pulled on my heart strings.

  6. Drew Glover says:

    My favorite character has to be Vegeta. If you think about it, Goku is good because he hit his head and forgot his mission. Vegeta overcame the evil he’s been fed his whole life and still managed to become good with out any freak accidents. As you wrote in your book “It’s Over 9,000!”, Vegeta is multifaceted, and you have to see his different angles to understand the internal struggle he had to overcome.

  7. Kyle Nash says:

    My favorite character is Piccolo simply because he was always willing to fight even when he knew he was outmatched. He would buy time for Goku or whoever needed it, and against some enemies he could hold his own. I always enjoyed his fighting style and how he was unconventional. I also liked his relationship with Gohan and how he was a mentor and almost a second father to him.

  8. Simon Amram says:

    My favorite character would be Ninja Murrasaki, he is not a Main or strong character, but he just has a goofy personality, he is a great comedic relief after a couple of serious episodes.

  9. This is sooo freaken sweet. i hope i win. Goten is my Favorite Character. to bad they screwed him over in GT

  10. Keith Hasson says:

    Goku for the win ^,^, hes a kid at heart and has a big one at that. Never kills if he doesnt really have to. And he mans up for ppl he doesnt even know. GOKU

  11. Sean Forde says:

    Goku is my favorite charcater,his friends and family and even other people come first before fighting at full power,he is truily a nice person and his endurance just amazes me :D GOKU FOR THE WIN.

  12. Leo Palacio says:

    gohan is my favorite character cause you see him grow up in the show and his really cool

  13. Mr. Satan. He saved the world, twice. Plus he is funny.

  14. Topher Mowry says:


  15. Brendan says:

    Krillin; he may not be the strongest character and he is rendered pretty useless after a while, but despite being afraid and weak he will always stand by his friends’ side and do whatever he can to help. Respect.

  16. Richard says:

    Vegeta. Never give up, never surrender.
    And he shows some great character development at the end of the Buu Saga (finally admitting Goku is the strongest). He also shows he cares about his family when he sacrifices himself.

  17. Willy0816 says:

    Ofcourse the prince of all sayins Vegeta! His character evolved from a harsh ruthless killer to an amazing thoughtful fighter…

  18. Leo Palacio says:

    my favorite is gohan because you see if grow from a crybaby to a strong fighter

  19. Guest says:

    my favorite character es Goku, because i think he is a pure and strong hero, never give up, and he teached me how to be a strong person

  20. Vania Dragon says:

    my favorite character is Goku, because i think he is a pure and strong hero, never give up, and he taught me how to be a strong person

  21. My favourite character is Gohan. He’s not the strongest nor the smartest in the series (although he’s quite intelligent). I just like him because of something very personal: when I started watching DBZ I was in 4th grade and I had a friend to whom I talked to about DBZ. We also played with the characters and I always ended up choosing Gohan because he’s a little nerdy (and I was a nerd during school). I loved having found another girl to share my world (animé, videogames and books instead of the crappy Mexican novelas most girls my age watched).

  22. I come from a very proud family. And by proud, I mean stubborn, headstrong, know-it-alls. I wouldn’t trade my family for the world and I’d like to thank my favorite character Vegeta for being the embodiment of pride and for teaching to never forget where you come from. Thanks for doing this Derek!

  23. Gohan is my favorite character.

  24. Gohan is my favorite character!

  25. My favorite characters are Gohan and Goku.

  26. Son Gohan is my favorite character. He’s smart, relatable and likeable. Most of his faults really lie in either his age or something out of his control/power. Pacifism bull crap aside, he still one of the better (and funnier for his Saiyaman bit) characters out of the cast. If only he was the hero in the end… :(

  27. Dominic says:

    My favorite character is probably Vegeta. He is a brilliantly-written character who starts off as an irrationally evil villain, but slowly comes to appreciate and even love Earth, ultimately becoming Goku’s right-hand man.

  28. TienShinhan says:

    Tien, tien is the man

  29. chris says:

    my fav has got to be goku he overcomes so much and is still nice and humble

  30. Ashwin Hegde says:

    Definitely Goku. I have not empathized with a character/personality as much as him, he is just awesome in every way.

  31. turbodan1 says:

    Gohan has always been my favorite. When I was a kid watching dbz, I loved that a fellow child could contribute to the fight.

  32. Fav character is vegetto… so powerfull and stubborn, can’t stop lovin’ him

  33. tzigi says:

    Definately Goten. I have a thing for younger generation characters and he’s the perfect embodiment of those: a look-alike of an older character, starts at a higher power level, isn’t THAT disturbed by his life.

  34. Monkey says:

    Gonna be really unoriginal and say Goku. I like him because he is so enthusiastic and happy, watching him makes me feel happy too :)

  35. SSJ Bardock says:

    Bardock. All the way. Or as a runner up I like Gogeta.

  36. Thomas the Wild Buffalo says:

    My favorite character is……. Vegeto, just because he’s so awesome!

  37. My favorite character is Frieza

  38. My favourite character has to be Krillin. He has some classic comments!

  39. Andy says:

    My favorite is vegeta he is the baddest….

  40. Leo Palacio says:

    my favorite character is gohan cause he grows up before your eyes and see the things that as a young man he must go through and that hes pritty cool

  41. Since he was the only character who seemed to have any sort of internal struggle, Vegeta has to be the best character.

  42. Liam Fitzgerald says:

    My favourite character is Kame Sen’nin, because the different dimensions to him fit together so beautifully. First we see the old pervert, he seems like a comedy character who can’t really have many good qualities about him. Next we see the wise master and father figure, who always knows what’s best, is exceptionally powerful and is really a good guy. Finally, he’s a hero, who’s willing to give his life for the world and those around him. He’s both someone who can make you laugh, and someone who is admirable despite being a sexual deviant,

  43. Caleb Pierce says:

    Piccolo is my favorite, because he’s sort of the Batman of the group. He’s portrayed as the brains of the group, and is one of the few non-Saiyan characters to keep an important role in the story after his power is eclipsed permanently by the Saiyans.

  44. Paulo Lucas says:

    My favorite character has to be Gohan. He’s the one I identify myself with the most. :P

  45. My favourite character is Vegito! Awesome giveaway! :)

  46. Denny says:

    Goku all the way. I don’t see any other Saiyans breaking the Super Saiyan barrier without him leading the pack with his tenacious appetite for self-improvement… that and everyone would be dead and unable to learn how to become a Super Saiyan if he hadn’t stopped Lord Frieza.

  47. Leo Palacio says:

    my favorite character is gohan hes just so cool and you see him grow up in the show from a crybaby to a fully grow man

  48. Dave Ashmore says:

    My favorite unfused character would have to be Mr. Satan. Least powerful of the group, yet still managed to save the universe!

  49. Sam Smith says:

    My favorite character by far is King Kai because of his amazing humor. Makes me laugh everytime I watch the early episodes.

  50. David says:

    My favorite character BY FAR would have to be vegeta in every way shape and form.

  51. RAZR_FANN says:

    Gogeta is my favorite!

  52. Rhymestyle says:

    Gotta go with ultimate gohan!

  53. Leo Palacio says:

    my favorite character is gohan because he is so cool and you see him grow up as from a child to a grown man

  54. Leo Palacio says:

    my favorite character is gohan he is just so cool and you see him grow from a small child which crys and wines to a strong fighter

  55. Leo Palacio says:

    gohan is my favorite he grow so much from a cry baby to one of the stronger fighter in dbz and his ultimate form

  56. Leo Palacio says:

    gohan is my favorite character because he so cool and you can some times relat to him

  57. VeggieXD says:

    Vegeta is my favorite because he is the most badass

  58. devonte says:

    all are my faroite

  59. Andy says:

    Teen gohan ssj2

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