Win a Free Copy of It’s Over 9,000!

dragon ball z over 9000 book print

Now is your chance to win a free copy of the Dragon Ball Z “It’s Over 9,000!” book.

To commemorate the publication of my first book, I’m giving away 3 copies to fans across the world. No matter where you live, whether it’s the US, the UK, Brazil or Bangladesh, I’ll mail it directly to you.

To enter the contest simply add your email in the form below and subscribe to The Dao of Dragon Ball newsletter.

The contest coincides with the launch of Dragon Ball Z: Saiyan Saga and their short DBZ fan film on December 4, 2012, which is only 7 days away.

The winners will be chosen at random and notified on December 4 alongside the launch of the film. If you win you will be contacted with the email you used to subscribe.

Want to get your copy now (or don’t feel lucky)? Order the book on Amazon for 9.99.

You can also download a free sample of the e-book or buy it at your favorite store.

Also stay tuned later this week for an exclusive interview with Harry and George Kirby, the directors of Dragon Ball Z: Saiyan Saga!

You can read my first interview with Harry and George to lead up to the event. Is there anything you’d like me to ask them? Leave your question in the comments.

Best of luck.

UPDATE on Dec 4: The winners were just announced!

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