Dragon Ball Giveaway Contest

dragon ball giveaway contest

Now is your chance to win free Dragon Ball stuff!

As a way to say thanks to my readers and fellow Dragon Ball fans I’m giving away 7 great items of Dragon Ball merchandise, including books, magazines, videos, music and toys totaling over $130 in value.

How do you win?


1) Like The Dao of Dragon Ball on Facebook

2) Leave a comment below saying who your favorite character is.

3) Or tweet this post with the post’s URL and my name (@derekpadula) in it so I receive the message.

On May 8 I will select one lucky winner at random to receive ALL 7 prizes.

And here’s what you will win.

dragon ball z 1.1 bluray

Dragon Ball Z Level 1.1 on Blu-ray.

Starting off with a bang. DBZ in HD. Brand new, never been watched.

dragon ball z soundtrack kenji yamamoto

Dragon Ball Z & Z 2 Soundtrack by Kenji Yamamoto, imported from Japan.

The music is from the games that were called Dragon Ball Z Budokai and Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2 in the United States.

dragon ball revenge of king piccolo wii cover

Dragon Ball: Revenge of King Piccolo

A fun action adventure Dragon Ball game for the Nintendo Wii. Yours for free.

dragon ball z gogeta action figure

A Gogeta Action Figure… without the vest!

You can stand him on your desk, stare at him, and think deep thoughts about the inner meaning of what Fusion means for the soul. That’s what I did with him at least.

dragon ball z extreme book cover

Dragon Ball Z Extreme

That’s right. It’s Dragon Ball Z… TO THE EXTREME!!!

Read my review of this fun DBZ children’s activity book. It has stickers!

akira toriyama the master of manga book cover

Akira Toriyama: The Master of Manga

This amazing book is only available in France, and as you might expect, is written in French. It is the worlds first book to be written entirely about Akira Toriyama. It’s also very professional and filled with official images from Toei and Shueisha.

Read my review of Akira Toriyama: The Master of Manga and my 2 part interview with the author, Olivier Richard.

shadowland magazine number 7 with dragon ball z by derek padula

Shadowland Magazine #7

The magazine includes an article I wrote called Cell: The Perfect Monster. (psst, this is the one you really want to win.)

pojo dragon ball z cards simplified

Pojo’s Unofficial Dragon Ball Z: Cards Simplified – A Players Guide

This book was THE book if you were into the Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game (CCG). And now it can all be yours. Read my review of Pojo’s Unofficial Dragon Ball Z book here.

That’s all the prizes!

So Like the site on Facebook, leave a comment, or tweet this post and you’re entered into the contest.

If you’ve already Liked, then you’re already in the contest.

Remember that you need to use a real email address or account because that’s how I will contact the winner to ask for your home address.

The contest is open internationally.

Will be the winner be you?! Find out on the next exciting episode of Dragon Ball Z!!!